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Sending your patients to AMI

Referrals to Arcadia MRI & Imaging Center

At Arcadia MRI & Imaging Center, we strive to make each patient's visit as pleasant as possible while giving the highest professional care. We also want to make the process as simple as possible for our referring physicians, and want you to know about the following services we offer:

  • We have PACS capability that allows the referring physicians to view their patients' images and final reports via the internet. Please click on the "PACS User Request" tab to the right to become a PACS User.
  • We will contact the patient to make the appointment. Please fax us a copy of both sides of the patient's insurance card and our referral slip and we will contact the patient for scheduling. Alternatively, patients can call our office to schedle. We may contact your office if prior authorization needs to be obtained.
  • We are a Participating Provider for Medicare, MediCal, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, most PPOs, most local IPAs and workers compensation networks.
  • Uninsured patients are welcome - we offer cash discounts at the most competitive rates.
  • Images are available online via PACS immediately after the exam, with final reports attached the following morning. Final reports are faxed to the referring office the following business day, and the original reports are mailed. Alternatively we can deliver CDs and written reports the following business day to offices in the local area, when requested. Out of area doctors will receive CDs by Fedex ground shipment, when requested. Patients can hand carry CDs when authorized by the referring offices.
  • If it is a STAT case, Dr. Sotomayor will call and or fax with results immediately after the scan.

Some Issues to Keep in Mind

  • CT studies with contrast and some ultrasounds require instructions, which will be given to patients in advance. There are usually no restrictions on food, drink or medications prior to MRI studies.
  • If sedation is required due to claustrophobia or severe pain, please give the patient a prescription for an oral sedative such as Valium or Xanax and have them take it one-half hour prior to their scan. They must have someone drive them home.
  • If there is a prior MRI or CT study for comparison, please send the CDs/report with the patient or ask the patient to locate and bring them to their appointment.