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3T Large Bore MRI

Verio 3T MRI Imaging Benefits:

  • With a three to four fold higher signal-to-noise ratio than 1.5T scanners, Verio 3T MRI studies of knees, shoulders, ankles, joints and spines are clearer, more detailed and take less time than 1.5T studies
  • Superior neurological imaging shows anatomic details that have not been seen before, such as concussions, other cognitive impairment and magnitude of scarring showing extent of damage to multiple sclerosis patients
  • Improved 3T MRI abdominal imaging studies include hepatic, renal cancer, cancer staging and female pelvis/gynecology imaging
  • Greatly enhanced 3T MRI prostate imaging looking for cancer without the need for an endorectal coil

Claustrophobia and Anxiety Reduced: 

  • Large 70 cm bore greatly reduces claustrophobia in patients
  • Siemens Verio is the shortest bore 3T system
  • Shorter scan times aid patients with pain, mobility and respiratory issues
  • Sharper images result from less anxiety-related movement

Expanding Care to a Wider Range of Patients:

  • Large patient population (up to 158 kg or 350 lbs)
  • Pediatric and elderly patients